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To much school, to less coding


This is some kind of "I'm not dead" post. Recently my web and programming activity was quite low if not zero at all and I just want to write some lines about this.

First of all the number one time burner is "school". Right now I'm attending some kind of study preparation school you need to finish to be allowed to study at a university of applied science. The topics at school wouldn't be a problem but since I want to study media informatics (computer science) at the university of applied science in Stuttgart I have to maintain a high mean value of my marks (2.0 on a 1 to 6 scale). Since the material at school is highly compressed (usually you get 2 or 3 years, we have just ¾ of a year) it's getting difficult to maintain this mean value. Right now I'm exactly at 2.0 but there are still some pretty heavy tests ahead... not to mention the final exams in about 3 month.

This is pretty much the reason why all other activities almost dropped to zero. Maintenance of the Simple Localization project has become quite difficult since I'm still the only developer there and work on the Rails I18n group also has come to an halt. It's quite sad to see these projects frozen just because of the lack of time. I really hope that I can revive these projects once my final exam is over and I have some month until college starts.

In the private world things are also not that well right now. A week ago my 76 year old grandfather has had some heath problems and the doctors found some kind of a brain tumor in his head. He made the first operation two days ago but visiting him is difficult since the hospital is several hundred kilometers away. We've been there twice during the last week but it's hard to see a person in such a condition. Especially since I owe my grandfather quite a lot. He taught me mathematics and chess at an early age, awoke my interests in drawing and science (astronomy, physics, technology, ect.) and taught me some of the principals I'm now living on (e.g. before you judge someone try to see the situation from his point of view and think about how you would have acted in his place). He also started to use a computer at an age of 71. I really hope he will make it trough all this.

Well, this is the current situation. I hope I have time for the projects again once the final exam is done.

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