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Today really was a great day. First of all I wrote the last of my final exam tests (physics) and it went far better than expected (90 - 95%). This was the last test needed for the so called "Fachhochschulzugangsberechtigung" which grands me access to the local universities of applied science. This allows me to start studying this October.

Since I'm not the type of guy who likes drinking I made my self scarce some hours after the test. To make the day even better I noticed that Opera 9.5 was released just yesterday. I'm testing the weekly builds from time to time so I had a rough impression of what was coming with "Kestrel" (the codename for this release). The new UI is impressive and Dragonfly looks promising, even if it can not really match Firebug. What really blew me away however was the speed improvement (at least for the Linux version). Opera used to lag on my machine once about 10 tabs were open but now it handles them without a problem. The summary of added web standards is also quite a good read. There are some really cool new features (text shadows, extended canvas and SVG support, ...) and I will definitely look deeper into SVG. Not only that I started to use it for web design with Inkscape but it also finally gains usable momentum in the browser world.

However after several weeks of hardly doing anything else than learning it's finally time to get back to normal life. Unfortunately quite a bit has happened during the time I had to focus on passing these test, so far to much went on an somewhat useless To Do list.

  1. My family started to move to a new home. My father finally bough a house and we worked on the house for several weeks now. The final move is planned in about two weeks and until then I will be busy there most of my time. I'm not a fan of all this because it was terribly well coordinated (read: not at all) but it was the right move for my father.
  2. Some time ago I wrote that my grandfather suffered a brain tumor. It was removed some weeks ago and so far everything went well. However he is just slowly recovering from all the treatments... if this can be called "recovery" at all. It's always hard to witness the degeneration of a loved one but this is a part of life.
  3. A new website for the ZGR community has always been some kind of "dream project" for me. I already started a new page about 6 month ago and now I finally want to focus the biggest part of my development time on this project. The people there really deserve a great page.
  4. However there are other projects around, like Simple Localization and the i18n patch group. I want to resume active development on Simple Localization and I have several i18n messages in my mailbox. Time to get "back to work" there. :)

This is it for now. The time for coding has come again. :3

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