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Autotest with Ubuntu OSD notification


Having suffered under a minor burnout lately it's time to have some fun with programming again. Therefore I'm doing a small of the record Rails project and thought I could start some serious testing with Shoulda and Webrat. All so fine and funny but the GNOME notify plugin for autotest made it perfect!

Once you fire up autotest it automatically runs your tests based on what file you just saved. Pretty cool if you code some new stuff and get direct feedback without having to type in the test command.

I have used this before on a project but with the GNOME notify plugin you don't even have to look at the console. Once saved you'll get a nice little new Ubuntu style notification:

An Ubuntu OSD notification message showing that all tests passed

Pretty neat an the "good job" line keeps you programming. Couldn't be more fun.

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GREAT! Just yesterday I had a similar idea - and here it is… BTW: The link to the simple_localization plugin is broken…

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