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My new favorit virtual machine


Yesterday I got access to a newly created virtual machine I can use for my streaming project. Initially I had doubts about the performance of the VM because ffmpeg2theora is encoding a DV stream there.

However after a look at htop these doubts vanished instantly:

A screenshot of htop on the new virtual machine.
Full 8 cores at my disposal. All with a load of 0.0% and one at 0.7%.

This is simply the best VM I ever had. I have never seen a CPU load of nan before… :)

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#1 by

Yeah, that's the Cluster that all VMs run on. A pretty nice thing to have :) Now let's hope the theora guys have optimized for multicore :)

#2 by
Stephan Soller

Unfortunately ffmpeg2theora only works single threaded right now. However one core is sufficient to encode the stream (at 80% to 90% load). This has it's limits but will do the job. However I'm curious how fast the x264 encoder will be with 8 threads. :) It's used to encode the high quality versions at night.

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