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Linux console color codes


I finally found a good documentation on the color codes (and other things) of the Linux console (Bash in my case). The funny part is, it was right there all the time: man console_codes.

There you'll find a lot of stuff with proper background. Quite handy if you want to do something nice on the console but don't want to use big libraries like ncurses for it. I found the link in an old article.

May the color be with you (or your scripts). :)

ps.: Here's a short version.

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Hi Stephan i hoppe you not angry about this comment, it not real for this thread. But i don´t know a english one will say "below my nose", i believe it´s a german expression Nathing for ungood :)

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Thanks Fusel! I removed it.

I should be more careful with German proverbs leaking into English text. :D

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