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HdM WebDay 2010


On the coming Friday (10th of December) the next WebDay takes place at the HdM, the university I'm studying at. The topics of the 4 talks will be web technologies in general as well as some frameworks (Typo3 and Apache Wicket) and some web-to-print stuff.

This WebDay is a bit special for me since it's the first *Day for me where I'm not behind the camera but actually in front of it. I'm giving the first talk about web technologies in general and how you can save yourself a lot of work if you take a closer look at those technologies and know what you want. There's plenty of cool stuff in there and I hope I can explain most of it without just rushing though it. :P

Of course a live-stream for the event will be available at events.mi. If I have the time I will replace the SQLite based live chat there with a simple file based one until Friday. I suspect the SQLite interface to cause some strange and annoying lock-ups of the Apache webserver but I haven't been able to strace the webserver on those occasions. Hopefully the file based chat will avoid those lock-ups… and it scales much better anyway.

See you on Friday. :)

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