Keep it simple, know your tools

Rocking with PHP, CSS and HTML5

Stephan Soller, Student Medieninformatik, Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

This is the presentation of a talk about the creative use of webstandards. This document itself uses the CSS presentation mode, at the time of writing only supported by the Opera Browser.

If you're viewing this page with Opera, simply enter fullscreen mode (F11) and you'll see the presentation. Use Page Down and Page Up to navigate between the slides. If viewed normally additional text is shown explaining the concepts outlined in the presentation.

Alternatively you can switch to the Green Projection style. In Firefox you can switch the style by selecting ViewPage StyleGreen Projection. On Opera it's MenuPageStyleGreen Projection. Sorry, I was to lazy to implement a small style switcher.

I held the talk at the WebDay 2010 of the HdM Stuttgart. If you have questions or any other kind of feedback feel free to send me a mail.


What is this about?

Why keep it simple

Know your tools

The fun part

The pipeline


What we all stand upon…



Slavery is illegal… theoretically

URL rewriting



Made for the web

PHPs "template syntax"


Simple XML handling

Atom feed reader


Where did I put this…

Something simple…


Say what you mean

UTF-8 encoding

Semantic tags

HTML5 video


Say how it looks

Projection media

Print media

CSS effects


Thanks for listening!