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It's a funny thing, while organizing something I almost never remember to write about it on my own blog. Well, today I finally remembered, so here it is:

Coming Friday (21st of January) the 8th GamesDay takes place at my university. The three talks will cover digital distribution of games (e.g. downloadable games), game development on the Wii console and artificial intelligence in games. A detailed schedule is available on the website. During the breaks visitors can play with some consoles (XBox 360, Wii, PS3) and my brother will show some PC gaming and graphics stuff.

As always the talks will be recorded and a live stream is available at events.mi.

ps.: Why I wrote this post in English even if everyone interested surely can read German? I have no idea. I just felt to exhausted to write German… please don't ask me why my brain works like that, I have no idea.

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If you use english for too long, it will slowly exterminate all your german language skills. I've got the same problem. :p

#2 by

I sometimes practice German with a Chinese house mate of mine. This makes me wonder if I had much German language skill in the first place. ;)

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