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NNTP Forum download and installation guide


A while ago I wrote a forum like frontend for NNTP newsgroups. Since that I was asked two times to make it publically availabe. Today I finally had the time to clean up the code and write some documentation. The result is a small project page with the download: NNTP Forum project page.

There you will find the download and a small installation guide. If something does not work or you need help on the setup just drop me a mail or leave a comment. Right now the procedue is anything but perfect because the NNTP Forum was not made to be portable. Instead it was made to make the best use of the available infrastructure. While this keeps the internals simple the setup suffers a bit. Sorry for that.

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Thanks! It is a superb idea and hopefully will help to keep NNTP alive for longer!

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Wow, you've got quite a nice project running there Richard!

I'm actually surpised that the group is running as well as it does. Without pagination it's the worst case for the topic overview code.

Anyway, if you need something just let me know. :)

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