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Printing the LLVM Language Reference Manual


LLVM is a very handy piece of software with a quite long manual for its intermediate language. Since I don't like reading long documents on screen I invested 3 hours to generate and print a nice PDF version of the manual. It's not perfect but still comfortable to read.

Thanks to PrinceXML all that is necessary is a small CSS style sheet with printing styles. I also used the Gentium fonts because they are easy to read on paper. Anyone interested in generating an up to date PDF can download the style sheet archive. It contains the style sheet and the Gentium fonts. Extract it into a directory and with PrinceXML installed this command will generate the PDF:

prince --no-author-style --style llvm-lang-ref.css -o llvm-lang-ref.pdf \

Have fun reading. :)

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#1 by
Michal Young

Thanks for producing this … saved me the trouble of doing the same for my class this term.

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