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NNTP-Forum now on GitHub


When the NNTP-Forum was first published two of my friends wanted to see it on GitHub. Well, it's there now: arkanis/nntp-forum.

The French developer Mr Xhark helped me to continue development on the project. Thanks to his relentless testing the NNTP-Forum is now internationalized. It supports three languages: English, German and French (by Mr Xhark). It's also quite easy to write your own language file.

Funny how the experience from the long gone Simple Localization Rails plugin help with this PHP project: The i18n code is about 30 lines of code. It always amazes me how little code is necessary if you know what you need. Ironcially the function that searches the HTTP headers for the users prefered language is about the same size. :D

Anyway, maybe you accidentally have an NNTP server running. In that case you can give the NNTP-Forum a try. Be sure to check out the setup and configuration guide.

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